Entry #1

Howdy NG

2011-03-29 05:53:26 by InsolentMinx

Been making art for a while, figured I'd share and see what you think.


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2011-06-20 12:37:15

I think your art is great.
I forgot to ask in my review; did you base the character from the thumbnail of your last submission on Y U NO-guy? Because he sure looks similar to him...

InsolentMinx responds:

lol, TBH I had no idea that meme was called "Y U NO-guy". So I cant say I really had that in mind when I was doing him :P


2011-06-21 16:05:06

Haha ok. Congrats on your frontpage btw :D


2011-06-27 04:37:57

Dude, if u keep making art. Your gonna be a The best at it. Your art are my fav.


2012-01-04 16:53:59

you should work for the santhian dream http://www.santharia.com/startup_new/

InsolentMinx responds:

Ill have a look cheers