Entry #3

I missed you!

2016-06-09 06:39:07 by InsolentMinx

Newgrounds! Still going strong!

Im just gonna slide riiiight back in like I havent been gone for a year :P

Forgive me, much loves


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2016-06-09 07:11:02

I don't forgive you, you left us to rot and you want us to forgive you... Nah, just kidding, i have no idea who you are and what you do XD

InsolentMinx responds:

Lol Classic newgrounds post. Love ya


2016-06-09 10:20:42

I was just gonna give you some shit for slinking back here (whoever you were) but after seeing your artistry, amazeballs O_O At least the Art Portal is still pulling in some okay, pre-2007 viewcounts, but there's still little to no money here :( Hey, at least we've got (politically filtered as fuck) Chat back again, though there was a free speech fracas lately... jeez, millenials |:

InsolentMinx responds:

hahaha nice. Cheers for checking out the art :)